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Genset Silent Winpower WP110-100KVA
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Silent Genset WInpower WP110-100KVA is one type of generator that is widely used in various electricity supply needs for large buildings such as hotels, malls, office buildings and others. Silent generator has a section in the form of a canopy box which functions to dampen the sound of the generator when operated. The box is made of iron plate material that is thick with a size of 2-3 mm thickness. With the existence of the box, the sound of the generator engine is not heard. Because it's very suitable for those of you who don't like to be noisy. This silent generator is generally a type of generator that is placed outdoors so that the silent generator has resistance to hot weather and rain. But you still have to make sure that your genset canopy box is water resistant so it doesn't damage your generator set.

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